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Android • iOS • Ruby on Rails

KwikiMove – on-demand moving service. KwikiMove Cover. Syndicode

KwikiMove – on-demand moving service

HelloCare marketplace android mobile app main cover image

HelloCare – everyday helpers services marketplace with Ruby on Rails

Wecam mobile interface

Wecam – marketplace to buy and sell video production

Senden24, instant delivery service, screen

Senden24 – 1 hour delivery MVP marketplace development

Shipwise - multimodal shipments management platform MVP development project, Syndicode

Shipwise – MVP development project for multimodal shipments management platform

UKRAVIT: CRM for agro business company. Syndicode

UKRAVIT: CRM for agro business company

Woobra: selling page screenshot, Syndicode

Woobra – marketplace for product sourcing

NovaPoshta API Documentation Portal

Nova Poshta Developers Portal for API Documentation


Proof-of-concept prototype

8 – 16 hours

We can create basic app, add authentication and authorization, bootstrap theme, admin backend, auto testing infrastructure, deploy to staging and production in 8 hours


Minimum viable product

2 – 4 weeks

We can implement minimum viable product with your killer feature during 2 weeks of development. Make it an instrument to validate assumptions about your new business!


Release 1

1 – 4 months

It takes from 1 month to 4 months to release the first version of online business, including ideation, UI engineering, graphical design, front-end and back-end Ruby on Rails development, testing and deploy

Syndicode team is awesome. It provides a channel to hire exceptional developers that share our DNA, vision and are full part in the team and company future. Appreciate a lot how highly knowledgeable everyone is about tech & business. A great environment to work and grow!

Hotel Cloud – e-concierge mobile apps

Hotel Cloud - e-concierge mobile apps. Syndicode

We are very happy with Syndicode’s highly skilled ruby on rails developers. They helped to optimize the VYDA backend massively. I can recommend them for highload complex projects.

VYDA – video screencasts live sharing social network

Markus Lichtenheldt, Founder & CEO

Inno-W Oy became first client of newly formed Syndicode agency since we have had long lasting cooperation with Syndicode’s CTO Anton Naumenko. They have provided ruby on rails and php development services in our various projects. Syndicode performs best as technology partner because they are experts in software engineering and very business oriented.

Henry Palonen, CEO, Inno-W Oy

Syndicode helped during transition from MVP to beta release of SummitHub under tight schedule. Thanks to their expertise in continuous delivery process and instruments for Ruby on rails stack, we managed to pilot first conferences without any technical problems.

SummitHub – professional knowledge network

Jouni Renfors, Technical Lead, SummitHub
Jouni Renfors, Technical Lead

I have founded CleanAgents in 2013 and sold it in 2015 to Rocket Internet Venture Helpling. I hired Syndicode to help me with platform development, automated testing and continuous integration to hand over CleanAgents to a new management. They have delivered according to the plan, so I can only recommend them as Ruby on Rails professionals.

CleanAgents – cleaning services marketplace

Sergiej Rewiakin, Founder, Clean on Demand UG
Covering rails prototype with tests: Rspec, cucumber, factorygirl, simplecov

Resilient Code

We use best practices and principles to write testable and maintainable solutions to our customers business domains. We are guided by agile manifesto and embrace quick response to change. We produce resilient code using Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Build automation.


Our team has an extended experience in building and integrations with logistics information systems and services. We are proud to have a deal with customers that operate in the fields of express delivery, container shipping, freight trucking. We know how to solve logistics problems:

  • Dispatch and tracking customer orders or delivery jobs
  • Cargo Track and Trace systems
  • Real time pricing engines and decision-making advice systems charged by Business Rules Management System BRMS
  • GEO/GPS tracking and control of vehicle, shipments, couriers