HelloCare – everyday helpers services marketplace with Ruby on Rails

HelloCare is a marketplace platform that brings together senior citizens, lonely people, and families with qualified everyday helpers. We are experts in building an online marketplace with Ruby on Rails and mobile apps. HelloCare is a perfect case study of marketplace development as it has all the parts that any two-sided marketplace has to offer.

Wecam – marketplace to buy and sell video production

Wecam is a marketplace platform to buy and sell video production started in Berlin, Germany. It features talented videographers for potential buyers in different categories ranging from wedding video, promo video, fashion video to drone and product video. Wecam platform makes it easy for clients to find best professionals for their custom needs with the streamlined user experience.


Senden24 – 1 hour delivery MVP marketplace development

senden24 is an instant delivery service in the last mile 1-hour delivery business. It is free for shoppers who can purchase goods in local stores. They get all their bargains as soon as they arrive home. Our senden24 story is a three-sided marketplace development project in a nutshell. The senden24 service delivers for customers from shops with different delivery service providers be it a courier on a bike, taxi or expresses delivery companies. senden24 drops the price of delivery by aggregating multiple deliveries into one job.

senior php developer

Senior PHP developer

We’re looking for expert senior PHP developer with at least 4+ years of professional web development experience. Senior developer responsibilities include managing junior developers, developing and supporting medium and large projects.

Ruby on Rails developer in Kyiv office needed. Syndicode open position

Ruby on Rails developer

We’re looking for someone with a passion for programming and for writing beautiful Ruby code.  You will join a team of exceptional developers working in a fast-paced environment to deliver world-class software.

Senior Ruby on Rails developer. Syndicode open position

Senior Ruby on Rails developer

We’re looking for expert developer with at least 4+ years of professional Ruby development experience. Senior developer responsibilities include managing junior developers, developing and supporting medium and large projects. 

Woobra – marketplace for product sourcing

Woobra is a two-sided marketplace platform written in Ruby on Rails to bring together suppliers to sourcing buyers all over the world. The platform has the listing of suppliers, their products and special deals with categories, country, and basic description. Buyers can search using their language regardless of the language used by the supplier to enter their data. Products and special deals are classified based on Google Product Taxonomy.

Uploaded To5 facts about Ruby in European Software Development Salary Survey 2016. Syndicode

8 hours to self hosted Sharetribe

What is Sharetribe? Sharetribe is open source platform to create and run online marketplaces. There is a hosted multi-tenant version of Sharetribe that can be used at affordable prices. Why and when you should use Sharetribe vs own marketplace Low skilled simple setup for the hosted version. Few hours to setup self-hosted version including database…