5 software frameworks advantages for web app development. Syndicode

5 software frameworks advantages for web app development

Today web app development can be done in many ways. And there’s not a question anymore about web application’ advantages for both user and business. We created for you the full guide on web app development with all important nuances every developer and business owner should know. And now we suggest you take a look at a short article related to the ways of web application development topic. Particularly, we will talk about development using frameworks: 5 software frameworks advantages for web app development. 

Learn about Vue.js components. Syndicode

Learn about Vue.js components

To be a successful developer you don’t have to invent new methods and tools by yourself. That could be a great plus, but not necessary. However, a good developer needs to use what others invented and be able to implement it in his projects. Success formula implies fewer efforts and less time to result in something powerful and complex. That’s why we constantly search for best practices and share them with you. Learn about Vue.js components and get improve. 

Syndicode Digest #18 – Dolphin's homework

Syndicode Digest #18 – Dolphin’s homework

Not always your progress depends on you. Sometimes different bad things happen and you can’t do anything about it. For example, on the very deadline, your laptop is going mad. Or your hosting service can experience downtime. But the person you blame in this case is you. Please, don’t do that. There are many better things to do. Things like reading our Friday Syndicode Digest #18 – Dolphin’s homework. 

Why Ruby on Rails is ideal for Web App development

Why Ruby on Rails is ideal for Web App development

Where would you be without your favorite web application today? Imagine that you have no longer ability to use the same application across all your devices and share/edit or send information to your friends using the same version of the app? Or isn’t it a nightmare to install all your applications on the hard drive? In this article we will talk about web applications and why Ruby on Rails is ideal for Web App development.

Software development time estimation difficulties. Syndicode

Software development estimation difficulties

The next difficult thing after predicting the cost for products you make is calculating an implementation time for them. When the client asks how long it will take, you probably reply that it will depend on many factors and approximately will take… So, what makes you say “approximately”? We’ll tell you about real software development estimation difficulties.