Syndicode Digest #33 – Barking Monitor. Syndicode

Syndicode Digest #33 – Barking Monitor

What a great feature could be if your computer could scream at you every time it finds a bug in your code! From one point of view, it is an example of an educational process that taught you to be more attentive. But from the other side, it somehow demotivates you. Only a few people like when somebody screams at them. Anyway, an experiment with your computer to tell you when you are wrong should be funny. Read our Syndicode Digest #33 – Barking Monitor!

Verifying the quality of a Ruby on Rails development agency. Syndicode

Verifying the quality of a Ruby on Rails development agency

As a RoR development agency, we have already shown you some reasons why outsourcing is important in our previous material. Also, we understand that you have to be careful while choosing a software development agency to cooperate. The team you choose must meet the criteria we mentioned in our article about web application development. But let’s take a closer look at verifying the quality of a Ruby on Rails development agency.

9 famous services started from MVP. Syndicode

9 famous services started from MVP

That is clear that MVP development will help you to minimize the risks with the new project. But there are too many questions about right assumptions, essential features, ways to develop and so on. Syndicode has compiled for you 9 famous services started from MVP that you use every day. Maybe these examples will help you gain the better understanding and some inspiration. Is there any service similar to yours? 

Syndicode Digest #32 – Orange Crab

Syndicode Digest #32 – Orange Crab

Where’s your productivity? That is the hard question on the first winter day. It seems like only summer and sunshine can cure us of this cold depressive procrastination. ProCRABstination… We hope that some interesting news can bring you to life and remind you some summer days. Read our Syndicode Digest #32 – Orange Crab!

3 reasons to refactor

3 reasons to refactor

To be honest, developers love to refactor. Even if they say they don’t. Despite code refactoring aimed to make your project better, you shouldn’t go ahead improving what you’ve done just because “you can”. To save your money, time and resources, we’d like to share with you some points to consider refactoring and describe situations when you don’t really need it. 3 reasons to refactor your code are here for you. 

How MVP is different from a prototype. Syndicode

How MVP is different from a prototype

When you’re about to create a minimum viable product for bringing your application to users as fast as possible, do you understand that a simple landing page wouldn’t be enough to get their feedback? Well, in this article we’d like to show you that an MVP is not a primitive product created in a hurry. After publishing our MVP development guide, Syndicode is here to explain to you how MVP is different from a prototype. 

Pros and cons of the skeuomorphic design. Syndicode

Pros and cons of the skeuomorphic design

The first thing you have to think about when launching the new product is to attract the user’s attention. How will you attract the user to interact with your app or website? What will help you to create the right impression? The answer to these questions is the design.The design is responsible for creating the path to explore the functionality. Let’s consider pros and cons of the skeuomorphic design.