software developer salary in 2017

Software developers salary in 2017

Out in the open that developers make a lot of money. But still, there is a huge difference between developer’s salary in different parts of the world. It also varies depending on your skills, programming language and even gender. Due to the Software Development Salary Survey provided by O’Reilly, US developers report much higher median salaries than the rest of the world. Wonder what is average software developers salary in 2017? 

How to speed up React

How to speed up React

Everybody tends to do mistakes. And if you are lazy for diagnosing performance issues, you can expect slow down in your app work. But luckily there are enough alternatives in React, even built in, will help you no-pain solve this common problem. So how to speed up React?

Points to pixels converter. Syndicode

Points to pixels converter

This article should be immediately added to your bookmarks. Despite that today most of you use responsive fonts and auto-scaling, an information with chart of font sizes and easy-to-use points to pixels converter will defenitely make you a better designer.

Ruby on Rails advantages for web development, Syndicode

Ruby on Rails advantages for web development

Do you believe in existing the best single option for development of any project? Whatever it is: a mobile application, back office system, search engine or a website. Probably, you don’t. We thought that. But let us introduce you a scope of Ruby on Rails advantages for web development will make you take it as an option.