The power of motion design. Syndicode

The power of motion design

The main point of the design is to amaze users. When you developed some nice functionality, remember that without an appropriate design it would be not discovered by the users. Because the first thing they see is the product’s wrapping. Motion design is one of the most powerful solutions to accent the way product works. Discover the power of motion design!

Syndicode Digest #29 – Billing Turtle

Syndicode Digest #29 – Billing Turtle

What is the first thing comes to your mind when you think of turtle? The slowness or tardiness? That is true, but these features have one extreme advantage. When you don’t hurry, you’re able to enjoy your work and be more attentive. So, don’t hurry when you do something important and take an example from the wise turtle. Read our Syndicode Digest #29 – Billing Turtle.

What is API? Explained by Syndicode

What is API?

A programmer’s craft is impossible without tools for building application software. We’re talking about API. Some of you have a rather vague or incorrect idea about what this fairly common term means. And what its role in modern software development. To make everything clear, Syndicode will explain you the topic of what is API in details. 

How to visualize the data. Syndicode

How to visualize the data

More and more projects we work on, demand included statistics for the end-user could see some analytics for his or her activities and so on. Especially that is vital for mobile applications. Collecting statistics is what programmers take care about. But statistics’ visualization is the challenging task for designers. Today we decided to collect the main visualization techniques, outstanding examples and hints how to visualize the data.  

Syndicode Digest #28 – Lazy hedgehog. Syndicode

Syndicode Digest #28 – Lazy hedgehog

These days it’s incredibly hard to force yourself to do something. Autumn tells you to stay home, to sleep, to eat something tasty and harmful… And you’re becoming a hedgehog. Sometimes this laziness helps you to save extra energy while there’s cold outside. So don’t worry, you have all the rights for doing nothing today. Except reading our weekly Syndicode Digest #28 – Lazy hedgehog!  

Types of developers. Syndicode

Types of developers

How many types of developers do you know? And, if you are a developer, to which type do you refer yourself? In the real world, the boundaries between different types of developers are blurred. The more professional you become, the more types you will fit. So let’s see, how many types of developers are available in software development industry.

How to define constants in Ruby? Syndicode

How to define constants in Ruby?

Syndicode is still looking for Ruby on Rails developer and continues the series of useful articles about Ruby and Ruby on Rails tricks, hacks, performance etc. You can be a superb professional, but to upgrade your knowledge you have to read more non-stop. So even if you think you know everything, maybe you’ll find something new in our article about how to define constants in Ruby. By this, you will benefit and upgrade your skills!