.IO domain name reliability issues. Syndicode news

.IO domain name reliability issues

What domain do you use? Recently we found some news (surprisingly not spread enough before) about using .IO domain issues. On September 2017 it was a big outage happened to about 20% of DNS resolutions for all .io domains. They were totally broken. So you’d better be aware of .IO domain name reliability issues. 

Syndicode Digest #37 – Newborn Generator. Syndicode

Syndicode Digest #37 – Newborn Generator

Great! The new 2018 is already here! But the level of your energy is still low. Maybe you were partying too hard. Or maybe 2017 left you completely exhausted. And, to be honest, we’re not able to help you with this. All we can do is sharing something incredible and inspiring with you. Like the last scope of news, we prepared in our Syndicode Digest #37 – Newborn Generator! 

Barcelona's best startups in 2017. Syndicode

Barcelona’s best startups in 2017

It’s time to summarize what startups rocked in 2017 in major EU cities! You know that Syndicode works with different startups and helped to develop tens of them. Also, you know that our company represented in three countries: Ukraine, Germany, and Spain. So far, we will start our journey with Barcelona and discover Barcelona’s best startups in 2017!

iOS 11 interactions analysis. Syndicode news

iOS 11 interactions analysis

There have been tremendous changes to the way one interacts with iOS on the different devices. The last iPhone X changed the way we use the screen and there is an increased requirement to make actions possible with more gestures. Let’s dive into iOS 11 interaction analysis.