Why do you need an MVP. Syndicode

Why do you need an MVP

Doing business means facing the risks. When you launch your product you always have a chance to fail. There are many reasons for that. So why not to focus on creating a minimum viable product (MVP) at first and minimize your risks? In this article we will show you 7 considerable points, why do you need an MVP. 

7 gems to provide better RoR architecture. Syndicode

7 gems to provide better RoR architecture

Do you remember our article about the most popular RoR gems? There we created the scope of gems are still in use from 2014. Using them you’ll definitely make your work simpler because all you need is already created. But “the times they are a-changin'” as Bob Dylan said. So today we have even better gems to share with you. Syndicode has found a treasure chest with 7 gems to provide better RoR architecture.

Value proposition in UX design. Syndicode

Value proposition in UX design

When we receive a new project, our work starts with a phase of investigation and understanding of the challenge. Syndicode collects all kind of information about the company, competitors, benchmarks, analogs, and the potential or actual customers. In simple words, we provide a customer research to find the value proposition. Let’s find out what is the value proposition in UX design. 

3 web app reusing strategies. Syndicode

3 web app reusing strategies

Do you know how to run an app in multiple spots? Yes, this situation can happen when another team in your company wants to run your amazing already deployed app within their new app. We found the meaningful article of Cory House about how to use three patterns for running the same app in multiple spots. Read and add 3 web reusing strategies to your bookmarks.

Syndicode Digest #30 – Artful Clone. Syndicode

Syndicode Digest #30 – Artful Clone

To be honest, every next digest we publish is a clone of the previous one. Because we talk about the same topics and use the same storytelling model. But why it should be different if the way we have chosen is optimal? The news is interesting and different, and the descriptions are coherent, clear and laconic. So we cloning our digest but we do this with the creative approach. Enjoy our Syndicode Digest #30 – Artful Clone!

How to monetize your app. Syndicode

How to monetize your app

When you create an application (whatever idea is standing behind) you have to earn money on it. And if there are no investors or predefined mechanisms how to generate income with it, you should consider monetization. In this article, we will tell your about preferred ways of monetization, based on the survey provided by App Annie. From the experience of more than 12 thousand of developers, business owners, and marketers you will find a proper way how to monetize your app. 

The power of motion design. Syndicode

The power of motion design

The main point of the design is to amaze users. When you developed some nice functionality, remember that without an appropriate design it would be not discovered by the users. Because the first thing they see is the product’s wrapping. Motion design is one of the most powerful solutions to accent the way product works. Discover the power of motion design!

Syndicode Digest #29 – Billing Turtle

Syndicode Digest #29 – Billing Turtle

What is the first thing comes to your mind when you think of turtle? The slowness or tardiness? That is true, but these features have one extreme advantage. When you don’t hurry, you’re able to enjoy your work and be more attentive. So, don’t hurry when you do something important and take an example from the wise turtle. Read our Syndicode Digest #29 – Billing Turtle.