Courses on programming. Syndicode

Courses on programming

Syndicode is looking for Senior JavaScript Developer! To encourage our future applicants we’d like to tell you more about advantages of being a programmer and make a list of sources where you can improve your skills or learn something new. Because programmer is a very interesting but challenging profession. So you always have to know the latest trends and new technologies. To simplify your task we have collected the list of courses on programming. 

UX vs. UI, Syndicode

UX vs. UI

Syndicode has very strong skills in UI/UX design. And yes, UX is not the same thing as UI. We’d like to explain you the main differences between UI and UX. Read UX vs. UI and you will find out that one of them is the process and the other is the space for interactions. Dive deeply to find more.  

Syndicode Digest #24 – Omni onion

Syndicode Digest #24 – Omni onion

Isn’t it lovely to have a friend who knows everything? Most programmers know a lot but don’t really like to share their knowledge. Like in the famous joke “we need a calm person to teach a mother of two programmers how to work on the computer”. Programmers are very similar to onion: they are bitter and tear-inducing but very useful. If you are a programmer, read our new Syndicode Digest #24 – Omni onion, and think about your behavior. 

Top 6 software development methodologies. Syndicode

Top 6 software development methodologies

Actually, this article should have a name of “Top 7 software development methodologies”, but we will not write about Kanban again. Last time we already covered all the important information about this famous methodology. This time our article will be devoted to the rest of the most popular approaches in software development. So here you will find the top 6 software development methodologies. 

Bug report writing. Syndicode

Bug report writing

In our previous article about vital steps to launch the app, we touched the field of testing. Sometimes developers might think their feedback would suffice. And this approach can take place in case of a short deadline or other things you can never predict happen in your project development. But testing should be done in a proper way. And a bug report too. Due to the reason mentioned above the bug report often done very inappropriate and become useless. So we’d like to share with you an information about the right way for the bug report writing.

Syndicode Digest #23 – Scary cucumber

Syndicode Digest #23 – Scary cucumber

Demotivation comes along with the fear to be underestimated and unimportant. Be a winner! Never doubt in your possibilities and skills (even if you don’t have them). Because faith will make you much better and more successful even if you are not a professional. Don’t be afraid of this scary cucumber and move on. Read our new Friday Syndicode Digest #23 – Scary cucumber.