5 reasons to use cloud-based CMS. Syndicode

5 reasons to use cloud-based CMS

Future is here, do you agree? Then why you might use not cloud-based CMS? In this article we will mostly appeal to those of you who look in the future but still use the technologies of the past. To convince you (and your developers/friends / clients) we will name 5 reasons to use cloud-based CMS.

App’s authentication with JSON web token. Syndicode

App’s authentication with JSON web token

Security measures is something you can’t skip while creating your application. Too many accounts have been hacked or stolen, too many people do care if somebody will have access to what they share with others. That makes security among first priorities if you build a web application. Let’s talk about app’s authentication with JSON web token.

7 web development trends of 2017

7 web development trends of 2017

Nothing new, ladies and gentelmen. You might predict all these trends yourself if you track what’s happening around. But if you don’t, let us make it for you. Our mission is to structure an important information and give you some advises for keeping up with it. As long as you want to gain success in this tough but progressive world. Please, take these 7 web development trends of 2017 into account and use. 

Syndicode digest #15 – Starfish blues

Syndicode digest #15 – Starfish blues

When everybody went on vacations and you stayed at work… You’re sitting alone, coding and crying rivers on your keyboard. And there is nobody who can support and cheer you up except us. We prepared for you the most wonderful news in our weekly Syndicode digest #15 – Starfish blues! Try to guess about the name.

The most annoying UI techniques

The most annoying UI techniques

Surely, you use them, and, of course, you will not give up on these techniques even they irritate users. But, at least, you will know about them and hopefully try to make them more attractive and interesting. So, what are the most annoying UI techniques for users?

Elixir on Elastic Beanstalk. Syndicode

Elixir on Elastic Beanstalk

We love instructions. And this time let’s talk about basic setup for Elastic Beanstalk. Little reminding for those who do not (yet) using this service: Elastic Beanstalk is a cloud deployment service that automates the process of setting applications up on the AWS (Amazon Web Services). So how to deploy Elixir on Elastic Beanstalk?

software developer salary in 2017

Software developers salary in 2017

Out in the open that developers make a lot of money. But still, there is a huge difference between developer’s salary in different parts of the world. It also varies depending on your skills, programming language and even gender. Due to the Software Development Salary Survey provided by O’Reilly, US developers report much higher median salaries than the rest of the world. Wonder what is average software developers salary in 2017?