Do you know about React’s new Context API? Syndicode news

Do you know about React’s new Context API?

Syndicode likes to keep the community smart and up-to-date! Now we’d like to introduce you React’s new Context API! It’s currently unreleased but will be included in the next minor React release. The old context API will continue to work until the next major release, so everyone should have time to migrate. So, what to expect? 

Syndicode Digest #35 - Show zeppelin. Syndicode

Syndicode Digest #35 – Show zeppelin

Today is a special occasion! We all are preparing for the winter holidays and there’s no time to work. Gifts, tasks to finish in this year, preparations or even vacations. Holiday mood on! But let us show you some wonderful news before Christmas come for you could use what you’ve learned in the new 2018 year. Meet next year smarter and wiser. Read our special Syndicode Digest #35 – Show zeppelin! 

Syndicode Digest #33 – Barking Monitor. Syndicode

Syndicode Digest #33 – Barking Monitor

What a great feature could be if your computer could scream at you every time it finds a bug in your code! From one point of view, it is an example of an educational process that taught you to be more attentive. But from the other side, it somehow demotivates you. Only a few people like when somebody screams at them. Anyway, an experiment with your computer to tell you when you are wrong should be funny. Read our Syndicode Digest #33 – Barking Monitor!

What is API? Explained by Syndicode

What is API?

A programmer’s craft is impossible without tools for building application software. We’re talking about API. Some of you have a rather vague or incorrect idea about what this fairly common term means. And what its role in modern software development. To make everything clear, Syndicode will explain you the topic of what is API in details. 

Backend development on Ruby on Rails - part 1

Backend development on Ruby on Rails – part 1

Backend – part of software that don’t interact with user directly. In this article we want you to read about backend development on Ruby on Rails – part 1 Sometimes it’s hard to understand the difference between backend and frontend in web applications. If we are talking about mobile application then things became clear enough.…

TracePoint API - what is it?

TracePoint API – what is it?

Sometimes you need to trace all invoked methods in your program. Earlier there was a set_trace_func tool that was very slow and not convenient. Fortunately, starting from Ruby 2.0 we have another one – TracePoint API which aims to replace it. Strictly speaking, the TracePoint API is simply an Object-Oriented wrapper around the now obsolete…