Types of developers. Syndicode

Types of developers

How many types of developers do you know? And, if you are a developer, to which type do you refer yourself? In the real world, the boundaries between different types of developers are blurred. The more professional you become, the more types you will fit. So let’s see, how many types of developers are available in software development industry.

Syndicode digest #1 - dominate the data

Syndicode Digest #1 Dominate the data

Nice Friday today, really shiny 12 of August. And what we’ve digged up: Frontend: You always wanted to become super frontend developer, now you have super learning possibility: https://survivejs.com/ . Build kanban and become React.js developer Never stop learning fundamentals: https://github.com/getify/You-Dont-Know-JS. After this series you will know JS Use Redux Sagas for the Greater Good: https://medium.com/@andresmijares25/async-operations-using-redux-saga-2ba02ae077b3#.t9aw6ki5f  Backend: Excellent…

Backend development on Ruby on Rails - part 1

Backend development on Ruby on Rails – part 1

Backend – part of software that don’t interact with user directly. In this article we want you to read about backend development on Ruby on Rails – part 1 Sometimes it’s hard to understand the difference between backend and frontend in web applications. If we are talking about mobile application then things became clear enough.…