Visit Kyiv Blockchain Forum 2018 on March 13! Blockchain, cryptocurrency. Syndicode events.

Visit Kyiv Blockchain Forum 2018 on March 13!

There are no doubts that cryptocurrency is the future. In less than a week, one of the main cryptocurrency-events will be held in Kyiv. This is Kyiv Blockchain Forum 2018 that will be devoted to successful platforms and trends, analysis of ICO and selection of the most perspective investment projects. Visit Kyiv Blockchain Forum 2018 on March 13!

Miller’s Law for UX design. Syndicode news

Miller’s Law for UX design

When creating design many companies brake or ignore this law. But how this law affects organizational management, collaboration, and general performance of your product design? Today we’ll tell you about Miller’s Law for UX design that unexpectedly turned to one of the most important rules. 

How to optimize the purchase pathway. Syndicode news

How to optimize the purchase pathway

If you run your online business, the question of a sales funnel or a purchase pathway could bother you quite often. How to make your site visitors buy things online? What encourages them to press “buy” button? Companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix set increasingly sophisticated and demanding digital experiences you have to consider. Learn how to optimize the purchase pathway to make your users happy. 

Value proposition in UX design. Syndicode

Value proposition in UX design

When we receive a new project, our work starts with a phase of investigation and understanding of the challenge. Syndicode collects all kind of information about the company, competitors, benchmarks, analogs, and the potential or actual customers. In simple words, we provide a customer research to find the value proposition. Let’s find out what is the value proposition in UX design.