Fancy CSS animations

Fancy CSS animations

When you find some nice site to stick around, you probably don’t recognize elements it’s created of at first. Elements like animations. They smart, neat and simple. But the animations make the site most attractive for the user. Learn some tricks to create fancy CSS animations with interactive examples.

Syndicode Digest #8 - Kevlar Bridge

Syndicode Digest #8 – Kevlar Bridge

Today is the Monday. Monday which is like Friday, but still Monday. And here we are, our new and sleek Syndicode digest! You can find previous version here.   Select the right layout tool for the job. After getting acquainted with this information you will start working with the grids like a boss. React props  learning…

Blazing Fast Syndicode Digest

Syndicode Digest #5 Blazing Fast Mirrors

Our 5th (September 16, the Friday) Syndicode digest release. Cute and fast. Blazing fast. Our previous release is here. #frontend#beatifull Become inspired. This vines bounce really cool  Become amazed. This image is alive! Just see Email design. Free and serious. #backend#awesome Quicheck your ruby methods like a pro Did you know how powerful is Ruby?…

Syndicode Digest #4 - Monadic Onion

Syndicode Digest #4 – Monadic Onion

Bright Friday (9th of August to be precise)…And our 4th Syndicode Digest has arrived. Backend Awesome Elixir links Learn how to do Microservices. NOW! Get your way with closures. In ruby. Why you never wan’t  side effects without isolation Be like mutant and start testing properties Use NoSQL, Luke! Frontend Fantasy land now has ChainRec,…

RSCSS is an interesting new methodology

RSCSS is an interesting new methodology

Some time ago I found an addition to BEM that can be the best choice if you need to build a small project with no complicated structure, no huge classnames and 5 levels of child branches. I am talking about RSCSS  (Reasonable System for CSS Stylesheet Structure) – the system that follows all BEM instructions, but reduces the size of the structure by making classnames much shorter. RSCSS has several main principles: