Syndicode Digest #21 – Mouse potato

Syndicode Digest #21 – A mouse potato

Your parents will never understand why you’re so obsessed with your computer and how you doing all this “magic” with it. But they have to get used to it as far as you just a mouse potato. To raise your level at least to an expert and become useful for the society, read our new Syndicode Digest #21 – a mouse potato! 

Syndicode Digest #20 – Morning frustration

Syndicode Digest #20 – Morning frustration

This time the digest will be published in the morning. This is explained by its name. You know the feeling when you have a lot of work and have already done a lot by now, but suddenly comes the moment when you can not work anymore? This moment your brain occupied by nothing and you stare at something with no thoughts. Are you familiar with this? Welcome morning Syndicode Digest #20 – Morning frustration! 

Syndicode Digest #18 – Dolphin's homework

Syndicode Digest #18 – Dolphin’s homework

Not always your progress depends on you. Sometimes different bad things happen and you can’t do anything about it. For example, on the very deadline, your laptop is going mad. Or your hosting service can experience downtime. But the person you blame in this case is you. Please, don’t do that. There are many better things to do. Things like reading our Friday Syndicode Digest #18 – Dolphin’s homework. 

Syndicode Digest #16 – Gathering stones

Syndicode Digest #16 – Gathering stones

Goodbye, July! And welcome, August (which originally means “to increase”). Now the time to think of what you will do in fall. Unofficial symbol of August is birthstones. Imagine that every of the birthstones is a skill you promised yourself to improve last year. Let’s collect them all and set new goals for you to become skillful and experienced. We have something that will help you in Syndicode Digest #16 – Gathering stones.

Syndicode digest #15 – Starfish blues

Syndicode digest #15 – Starfish blues

When everybody went on vacations and you stayed at work… You’re sitting alone, coding and crying rivers on your keyboard. And there is nobody who can support and cheer you up except us. We prepared for you the most wonderful news in our weekly Syndicode digest #15 – Starfish blues! Try to guess about the name.

Elixir on Elastic Beanstalk. Syndicode

Elixir on Elastic Beanstalk

We love instructions. And this time let’s talk about basic setup for Elastic Beanstalk. Little reminding for those who do not (yet) using this service: Elastic Beanstalk is a cloud deployment service that automates the process of setting applications up on the AWS (Amazon Web Services). So how to deploy Elixir on Elastic Beanstalk?

Syndicode Digest #8 – Summer Glimpse

Ladies and gentlemen! Greet summer and our new Syndicode digest #8 awaiting for you! Hits: Functions, Functions everywhere. Sometimes functions is all what you need. Just try and you will never return to the bloated world. Build a  solid base from which you can develop more complex features. Following this guide you can learn how…

Syndicode Digest #7 WInter is coming

Syndicode Digest #7 – Winter is coming

Hi everyone. We’ve returned. Our fresh frozen digest here. From Syndicode Team Hits:  Read the docs. Especially if you like node.js. Sometimes you can obtain enlightenment, you know. Be serious and don’t forget to use pm2 when running node.js apps. So much hype about Vue.js, even Laravel has accepted it as default javascript framework. Maybe…

RSCSS is an interesting new methodology. Syndicode

15 must read books for web developers

If you want to become a professional developer, you need to read specialized technical literature. A huge number of different editions of programming books are available today, even a lifetime is not enough to read a half of them. Which books do you really need to read? In this article we will talk about the…