Angular 5.2.0 released. Syndicode news

Angular 5.2.0 released

There are too many changes in the world of technology happening at the same time. You can’t keep up with all of them and you can’t apply all the new changes immediately. But Syndicode will help to filter the most important information out of its mass and deliver it for your delight. Read, enjoy and apply. Angular 5.2.0 released.

Syndicode Digest #38 – Whalewatching room. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #38 – Whalewatching room

Have you ever admired some of the technology evangelists, early adopters or some extremely cool programmers? The truth is that you will never be like them! But you have a great chance to become your new smart and awesome version if you will work on your skills. Add some inspiration, some motivation and you will no longer want to become somebody else. You can follow the great examples but a whale is a whale, and a seahorse is a seahorse. Btw, the seahorse is also incredibly beautiful and charming. Read our new Syndicode Digest #38 – Whalewatching room to explore what the whales are doing about technology this week!

Types of developers. Syndicode

Types of developers

How many types of developers do you know? And, if you are a developer, to which type do you refer yourself? In the real world, the boundaries between different types of developers are blurred. The more professional you become, the more types you will fit. So let’s see, how many types of developers are available in software development industry.

The future of DevTools

The future of DevTools

Today, each major browser ships with fantastic built-in tools for web developers. But can you imagine (or remember) if there were no tools like this? If there was no easy way to inspect the DOM, monitor the network or even console.log things? It is believed that modern DevTools came with Firebug creation in 2006. Nevertheless, it’s still in use, constantly forked and adapted to work with other platforms. Syndicode would like to share with you some thoughts on the future of DevTools.