AWS vs Heroku comparison. Syndicode news

AWS vs Heroku comparison

What characteristics do you consider when choosing digital servers for saving and retaining a huge amount of information? When doing this you have to remember that later they will become the foundation for your project and give you an opportunity to deploy, monitor and scale all the stages of development. Today we’d like to share with you an information about the most popular cloud services, AWS vs Heroku comparison.

TOP GitHub alternatives in 2018. Syndicode news

TOP GitHub alternatives in 2018

We all use GitHub. Everyday. But it’s not the only one solution, and you are probably aware of Bitbucket or GitLab. So let’s get down to the list of the main GitHub competitors who provide private and public repository in 2018. They are TOP GitHub alternatives in 2018.

Start your summer with AmsterdamJS! Syndicode events

Start your summer with AmsterdamJS!

AmsterdamJS is a 2-day event focusing exclusively on JavaScript development. At AmsterdamJS conference, inspiring talks meet fresh ideas and good people – you’ll hear all you need to know about the latest trends in JS tech, see stellar speakers, meet new friends and colleagues, and connect with key people in the industry. Plus, all of that in one of Europe’s top destinations. What else do you need if you’re in love with JavaScript? Start your summer with AmsterdamJS!

Syndicode Digest #3 - Free Cat Transformers

Syndicode Digest #3 – Free Cat Transformers

Double thirteen Friday (26.08.16) and we proud to show you new Syndicode Digest, now with kitties: Syndicode Digest #3 – Free Cat Transformers Backend Why Node.js considered harmfull… Dig your website. Keep calm and dig Microservices done right. Open. Learn. DO. Frontend Tomorrow will be Frontend Union conf. Have you bought tickets already?  Else Future returned.…