Syndicode Digest #42 – Mr. Brain Muscle. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #42 – Mr. Brain Muscle

Today we devote our digest to the power of controlling your body and brain. If you can work out to gain some muscles, why can’t you work out to train your brain? Drills, exercises, and practice could become a necessary part of your schedule. And if will get used to it, soon you will be the real Mister (or Miss) Brain Muscle. You can start right now with our newest Syndicode Digest #42 – Mr. Brain Muscle!

Washboard. Seasick Steve. Syndicode Digest #36 – Washboard man. Syndicode

Syndicode Digest #36 – Washboard man

Greetings! In few days we all will meet the New Year. To mark this occasion Syndicode shares with you the most interesting links from the world of technology (as we always do). But that’s not all! Today we also want to remind you about the holiday spirit. Make it fun! Enjoy our last digest in 2017, Syndicode Digest #36 – Washboard man!

Syndicode Digest #8 – Summer Glimpse

Ladies and gentlemen! Greet summer and our new Syndicode digest #8 awaiting for you! Hits: Functions, Functions everywhere. Sometimes functions is all what you need. Just try and you will never return to the bloated world. Build a  solid base from which you can develop more complex features. Following this guide you can learn how…

500% home page load time improved

500% home page load time improved

500% home page load time improved: in 40 minutes work we improved page load time for the home page in more than 500%. Now it is under 2 seconds. This is tolerated by modern web surfer. Only few changes to our promo site concatenate and minify JavaScript to one file concatenate and minify CSS into…