Syndicode Digest #30 – Artful Clone. Syndicode

Syndicode Digest #30 – Artful Clone

To be honest, every next digest we publish is a clone of the previous one. Because we talk about the same topics and use the same storytelling model. But why it should be different if the way we have chosen is optimal? The news is interesting and different, and the descriptions are coherent, clear and laconic. So we cloning our digest but we do this with the creative approach. Enjoy our Syndicode Digest #30 – Artful Clone!

Syndicode Digest #26 – Professional Stagecoach. Syndicode

Syndicode Digest #26 – Professional Stagecoach

Recently we wrote about the stages of thinking inherent to a real professional. Professional stagecoach is a kind of oxymoron that compares your real position and your ambitions. Remember that all your ambitions should have a background and skills that support your actions. How to obtain these all? Elementary, my dear Watson! Read more, learn more, find more. Start with our Syndicode Digest #26 – Professional Stagecoach.

Node.js authentication tutorial mistakes. Syndicode

Node.js authentication tutorial mistakes

There are thousands of different tutorials on the internet. And this is the way a programmer can learn something. As we wrote in our article about courses on programming, the main plus when you are a developer is in free and available online resources to study. But not all of them have the up-to-date and correct information. So pay attention and better compare the information from several resources. Today we are going to tell you about Node.js authentication tutorial mistakes you can face. 

The future of DevTools

The future of DevTools

Today, each major browser ships with fantastic built-in tools for web developers. But can you imagine (or remember) if there were no tools like this? If there was no easy way to inspect the DOM, monitor the network or even console.log things? It is believed that modern DevTools came with Firebug creation in 2006. Nevertheless, it’s still in use, constantly forked and adapted to work with other platforms. Syndicode would like to share with you some thoughts on the future of DevTools.

Syndicode Digest #21 – Mouse potato

Syndicode Digest #21 – A mouse potato

Your parents will never understand why you’re so obsessed with your computer and how you doing all this “magic” with it. But they have to get used to it as far as you just a mouse potato. To raise your level at least to an expert and become useful for the society, read our new Syndicode Digest #21 – a mouse potato! 

Syndicode Digest #20 – Morning frustration

Syndicode Digest #20 – Morning frustration

This time the digest will be published in the morning. This is explained by its name. You know the feeling when you have a lot of work and have already done a lot by now, but suddenly comes the moment when you can not work anymore? This moment your brain occupied by nothing and you stare at something with no thoughts. Are you familiar with this? Welcome morning Syndicode Digest #20 – Morning frustration!