Syndicode Digest #43 - Active laziness. News

Syndicode Digest #43 – Active laziness

St.Valentine’s Day is left behind and no romantic mood left. But aren’t you still in love with what you do? What is your current project you’re crazy about? Well, if you have such – you’re lucky. If you don’t – you must be a very lazy person who doesn’t mind to asleep at the wheel. But not today! Put all your attention to doing your work perfect, to fall in love with it! And with our today’s digest Syndicode Digest #43 – Active laziness.

Do you know about React’s new Context API? Syndicode news

Do you know about React’s new Context API?

Syndicode likes to keep the community smart and up-to-date! Now we’d like to introduce you React’s new Context API! It’s currently unreleased but will be included in the next minor React release. The old context API will continue to work until the next major release, so everyone should have time to migrate. So, what to expect? 

Next.js 5 released. Syndicode news

Next.js 5 released

You could have missed it since there was a lot of news about other frameworks releases and updates. But you have to know that improvements were also made to this minimalistic framework for server-rendered React apps. Next.js 5 released! 

Weekly most popular JS repositories. Week of love. Syndicode news. JS GitHub

Weekly most popular JS repositories. Week of love.

Almost two weeks passed from the last digest about the most interesting and popular JavaScript GitHub repositories. But this doesn’t mean you missed something! We collected everything worth your attention and delivering this scope to you today! Week of love is the alternative name for today’s digest. Simply because all this marvelous stuff is your gift on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy these weekly most popular JS repositories with us!