Syndicode Digest #44 – Exaggerated exaggerations. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #44 – Exaggerated exaggerations

There’s an assumption that every person tends to exaggerate all the things related to his or her professional activity. Like if someone asks you how long you’re studying Ruby, instead of ‘two weeks’ you will probably reply ‘almost a month’. In order to look more professional. Or if you just have enough work not to distract on 9gag or something similar, you would say that you’re too busy these days and exhausted. Technically, that’s not a lie, but an exaggeration. With no exaggerations, in our today’s digest, you will find very nice longreads, hacks and news will make you more professional! Read Syndicode Digest #44 – Exaggerated exaggerations.

Ruby for beginners: interesting facts and learning process. Syndicode translate

Ruby for beginners: interesting facts and learning process

Since we are Ruby on Rails agency, we do pay a lot of attention to materials, tutorials, and news around RoR and Ruby. Recently Syndicode found quite an informative, well-written article about Ruby main features explained for the beginners. And we decided to translate this material for the English-speaking community. Because it is useful to read for all of us! So today we’re going to present you Ruby for beginners: interesting facts and learning process.

Syndicode Digest #40 – Counterclockwise Pipeline. Syndicode news

Syndicode Digest #40 – Counterclockwise Pipeline

Everything mixed there in your head. Do you know the capacity of your brain? How can you store the current tasks and remember the order of execution? Exactly, you’re supersmart! And your awesome mind has unlimited possibilities. So remember this next time you fail the task thinking that you’re stupid. Just make sure you use your brain properly. Find some news to exercise your intellect in Syndicode Digest #40 – Counterclockwise Pipeline.

Syndicode Digest #35 - Show zeppelin. Syndicode

Syndicode Digest #35 – Show zeppelin

Today is a special occasion! We all are preparing for the winter holidays and there’s no time to work. Gifts, tasks to finish in this year, preparations or even vacations. Holiday mood on! But let us show you some wonderful news before Christmas come for you could use what you’ve learned in the new 2018 year. Meet next year smarter and wiser. Read our special Syndicode Digest #35 – Show zeppelin! 

Verifying the quality of a Ruby on Rails development agency. Syndicode

Verifying the quality of a Ruby on Rails development agency

As a RoR development agency, we have already shown you some reasons why outsourcing is important in our previous material. Also, we understand that you have to be careful while choosing a software development agency to cooperate. The team you choose must meet the criteria we mentioned in our article about web application development. But let’s take a closer look at verifying the quality of a Ruby on Rails development agency.