Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails Developer

We’re looking for someone with a passion for programming and for writing beautiful Ruby code.  You will join a team of exceptional developers working in a fast-paced environment to deliver world-class software.

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

We’re looking for expert developer with at least 4+ years of professional Ruby development experience. Senior developer responsibilities include managing junior developers, developing and supporting medium and large projects. 

Duck and dice

Syndicode Digest #7 Dice of ducks

Today is Monday evening (October the 3d). Warm and fuzzy to deliver our digest. Rschema a good article, which present immutable goodness of having type constrained record-like objects in Ruby. Really pleasant to read. Hamster gem which will help to build your code with fuzzy immutable objects. Are you ready for ruby 3.x? Tme based estimates  won’t get…

Blazing Fast Syndicode Digest

Syndicode Digest #5 Blazing Fast Mirrors

Our 5th (September 16, the Friday) Syndicode digest release. Cute and fast. Blazing fast. Our previous release is here. #frontend#beatifull Become inspired. This vines bounce really cool  Become amazed. This image is alive! Just see Email design. Free and serious. #backend#awesome Quicheck your ruby methods like a pro Did you know how powerful is Ruby?…

2 Simple technics to refactor Ruby on Rails

Refactoring is a necessary process in any Ruby on Rails application Without it your app will quickly become time expensive to support. Also, your architecture will get more and more messy (and with messy code you can’t deliver new things fast and guarantee good quality) – unneeded relationships which cause spaghetti code and mess of…

Backend development on Ruby on Rails – part 1

Backend – part of software that don’t interact with user directly. Sometimes it’s hard to understand the difference between backend and frontend in web applications. If we are talking about mobile application then things became clear enough. The frontend – part of application user interacts with directly on his mobile device. Backend is opposite to…