Syndicode Digest #28 – Lazy hedgehog. Syndicode

Syndicode Digest #28 – Lazy hedgehog

These days it’s incredibly hard to force yourself to do something. Autumn tells you to stay home, to sleep, to eat something tasty and harmful… And you’re becoming a hedgehog. Sometimes this laziness helps you to save extra energy while there’s cold outside. So don’t worry, you have all the rights for doing nothing today. Except reading our weekly Syndicode Digest #28 – Lazy hedgehog!  

How to define constants in Ruby? Syndicode

How to define constants in Ruby?

Syndicode is still looking for Ruby on Rails developer and continues the series of useful articles about Ruby and Ruby on Rails tricks, hacks, performance etc. You can be a superb professional, but to upgrade your knowledge you have to read more non-stop. So even if you think you know everything, maybe you’ll find something new in our article about how to define constants in Ruby. By this, you will benefit and upgrade your skills! 

Syndicode Digest #25 – Ruby basket

Syndicode Digest #25 – Ruby basket

It only seems that our digest’s names are random. Every name means something. Like the “Ruby basket”. Syndicode’s language of choice is Ruby, but as the most languages, it has its drawbacks. Anyway, you have to understand that the quality of your code depends not on the language itself but on your skills and the way you implement the code. So be smart, make all the code you do perfect regardless the language you use. And read our new Syndicode Digest #25 – Ruby basket!

Syndicode Digest #23 – Scary cucumber

Syndicode Digest #23 – Scary cucumber

Demotivation comes along with the fear to be underestimated and unimportant. Be a winner! Never doubt in your possibilities and skills (even if you don’t have them). Because faith will make you much better and more successful even if you are not a professional. Don’t be afraid of this scary cucumber and move on. Read our new Friday Syndicode Digest #23 – Scary cucumber.

Syndicode Digest #22 – Signal orange

Syndicode Digest #22 – Signal orange

This is a matter of readiness. How many times have you asked yourself about the next stage? About when you’ll change your way of living, learn some new skills or eventually force yourself to do some morning exercises? Here is the signal for you. Now’s the time! No more attempts and postpones. The new Syndicode Digest #22 – Signal orange waits for you.

Syndicode Digest #21 – Mouse potato

Syndicode Digest #21 – A mouse potato

Your parents will never understand why you’re so obsessed with your computer and how you doing all this “magic” with it. But they have to get used to it as far as you just a mouse potato. To raise your level at least to an expert and become useful for the society, read our new Syndicode Digest #21 – a mouse potato! 

The most used Ruby on Rails gems for all the time. Syndicode

The most used Ruby on Rails gems for all the time

Every programmer has his own list of tools and resources he uses for everyday work. But sometimes we find that our lists are quite similar to the lists of the others. It might be explained by a series of reasons: the level of spread, quality, popularity within the community and so on. Today we decided to share with you the results of Syndicode’s small research about the most used Ruby on Rails gems for all the time.