The most used Ruby on Rails gems for all the time. Syndicode

The most used Ruby on Rails gems for all the time

Every programmer has his own list of tools and resources he uses for everyday work. But sometimes we find that our lists are quite similar to the lists of the others. It might be explained by a series of reasons: the level of spread, quality, popularity within the community and so on. Today we decided to share with you the results of Syndicode’s small research about the most used Ruby on Rails gems for all the time. 

Syndicode Digest #7 Dice of ducks

Syndicode Digest #7 Dice of ducks

Today is Monday evening (October the 3d). Warm and fuzzy to deliver our digest. Rschema a good article, which present immutable goodness of having type constrained record-like objects in Ruby. Really pleasant to read. Hamster gem which will help to build your code with fuzzy immutable objects. Are you ready for ruby 3.x? Tme based estimates  won’t get…

Black Swan

Syndicode Digest #6 Blackend Swan

Today (September 25th) we announce Syndicode Digest #6.  Just see 5 must have skills for Ruby junior is an article from our developer Pavlo Leoniuk. It will teach you how to become rich junior programmer and never look back. With cool pics Blue green deployment will give you overview of this process, pros and cons and also when you should…

Blazing Fast Syndicode Digest

Syndicode Digest #5 Blazing Fast Mirrors

Our 5th (September 16, the Friday) Syndicode digest release. Cute and fast. Blazing fast. Our previous release is here. #frontend#beatifull Become inspired. This vines bounce really cool  Become amazed. This image is alive! Just see Email design. Free and serious. #backend#awesome Quicheck your ruby methods like a pro Did you know how powerful is Ruby?…

Syndicode Digest #4 - Monadic Onion

Syndicode Digest #4 – Monadic Onion

Bright Friday (9th of August to be precise)…And our 4th Syndicode Digest has arrived. Backend Awesome Elixir links Learn how to do Microservices. NOW! Get your way with closures. In ruby. Why you never wan’t  side effects without isolation Be like mutant and start testing properties Use NoSQL, Luke! Frontend Fantasy land now has ChainRec,…

RSCSS is an interesting new methodology. Syndicode

15 must read books for web developers

If you want to become a professional developer, you need to read specialized technical literature. A huge number of different editions of programming books are available today, even a lifetime is not enough to read a half of them. Which books do you really need to read? In this article we will talk about the…

Backend development on Ruby on Rails - part 1

Backend development on Ruby on Rails – part 1

Backend – part of software that don’t interact with user directly. In this article we want you to read about backend development on Ruby on Rails – part 1 Sometimes it’s hard to understand the difference between backend and frontend in web applications. If we are talking about mobile application then things became clear enough.…