Barcelona's best startups in 2017. Syndicode

Barcelona’s best startups in 2017

It’s time to summarize what startups rocked in 2017 in major EU cities! You know that Syndicode works with different startups and helped to develop tens of them. Also, you know that our company represented in three countries: Ukraine, Germany, and Spain. So far, we will start our journey with Barcelona and discover Barcelona’s best startups in 2017!

3 web app reusing strategies. Syndicode

3 web app reusing strategies

Do you know how to run an app in multiple spots? Yes, this situation can happen when another team in your company wants to run your amazing already deployed app within their new app. We found the meaningful article of Cory House about how to use three patterns for running the same app in multiple spots. Read and add 3 web reusing strategies to your bookmarks.

Don't be afraid of Vim. Syndicode

Don’t be afraid of Vim

Despite we support the idea of simplifying our life with different hacks and tools, we know that sometimes harder way can bring you much more. We bet, that most of you refused even to think of Vim: “Come on. Why should we if there are Atom and Sublime?” And that makes a sense. But if you dare, this text editor will make you a high-professional and fast developer. Don’t be afraid of Vim!