Introduction to Integration testing. Syndicode

Introduction to Integration testing

Despite there are a lot of types of software testing the Integration testing is especially relevant to client/server and distributed systems. That is why we prepared for you an interesting material about this type of testing with its main approaches, structure, and nuances you have to know. This is an introduction to Integration testing we prepared for you. 

Syndicode Digest #25 – Ruby basket

Syndicode Digest #25 – Ruby basket

It only seems that our digest’s names are random. Every name means something. Like the “Ruby basket”. Syndicode’s language of choice is Ruby, but as the most languages, it has its drawbacks. Anyway, you have to understand that the quality of your code depends not on the language itself but on your skills and the way you implement the code. So be smart, make all the code you do perfect regardless the language you use. And read our new Syndicode Digest #25 – Ruby basket!

Syndicode Digest #24 – Omni onion

Syndicode Digest #24 – Omni onion

Isn’t it lovely to have a friend who knows everything? Most programmers know a lot but don’t really like to share their knowledge. Like in the famous joke “we need a calm person to teach a mother of two programmers how to work on the computer”. Programmers are very similar to onion: they are bitter and tear-inducing but very useful. If you are a programmer, read our new Syndicode Digest #24 – Omni onion, and think about your behavior. 

Syndicode Digest #10 – Mind Bleak

Usually, mind bleak comes when your brain is exhausted. We know that on Friday this is typical for most of us. But who will bring to you the next portion of pills for brain stimulation if not we? Welcome our new Syndicode Digest #10 – Mind Bleak with the scope of the most interesting publications! 

Today is the day, when new Syndicode Digest arise from the ashes.

Syndicode Digest # 2 Here sunt draconis

Today is the day, when new Syndicode Digest arise from the ashes. Now version 2. Updated (19.08.2016). But we know, here the link for the old one. (Link here) Ruby and Rails: Avoid rails. No rails. For JSON generation. Heroku and Passenger. Get more from less. Rails 5. Development mode. Your rating system in ruby…