Node.js authentication tutorial mistakes. Syndicode

Node.js authentication tutorial mistakes

There are thousands of different tutorials on the internet. And this is the way a programmer can learn something. As we wrote in our article about courses on programming, the main plus when you are a developer is in free and available online resources to study. But not all of them have the up-to-date and correct information. So pay attention and better compare the information from several resources. Today we are going to tell you about Node.js authentication tutorial mistakes you can face. 

Bug report writing. Syndicode

Bug report writing

In our previous article about vital steps to launch the app, we touched the field of testing. Sometimes developers might think their feedback would suffice. And this approach can take place in case of a short deadline or other things you can never predict happen in your project development. But testing should be done in a proper way. And a bug report too. Due to the reason mentioned above the bug report often done very inappropriate and become useless. So we’d like to share with you an information about the right way for the bug report writing.

Flux vs. MVC

Flux vs. MVC

Today Model View Controller (MVC) is considered the most spread application design pattern in web development. Since the 1990s, if you wonder. And Flux is a new application architecture from Facebook that promises the same as MVC, but with a different approach that focuses on unidirectional data flow. What application is better? Let’s make a comparison: Flux vs. MVC.

The future of DevTools

The future of DevTools

Today, each major browser ships with fantastic built-in tools for web developers. But can you imagine (or remember) if there were no tools like this? If there was no easy way to inspect the DOM, monitor the network or even console.log things? It is believed that modern DevTools came with Firebug creation in 2006. Nevertheless, it’s still in use, constantly forked and adapted to work with other platforms. Syndicode would like to share with you some thoughts on the future of DevTools.

Use all GitHub features. Syndicode

Use all GitHub features

As a GitHub community member, you probably spend there a lot of time. But do you know all the possibilities of this repository? It has some non-obvious features to make your work even better and faster than you think. In order to raise your productivity, you have to explore and use all GitHub features. 

Push notifications for GitHub. Syndicode

Push notifications for GitHub

Did you ever wonder why there’s no push notifications functionality for GitHub? Well, that is not necessary. But, this feature could make it easier for you to track important changes in real time. So that was Stacy Goh was thinking about creating the Chrome extension for push notifications for GitHub.

Don't be afraid of Vim. Syndicode

Don’t be afraid of Vim

Despite we support the idea of simplifying our life with different hacks and tools, we know that sometimes harder way can bring you much more. We bet, that most of you refused even to think of Vim: “Come on. Why should we if there are Atom and Sublime?” And that makes a sense. But if you dare, this text editor will make you a high-professional and fast developer. Don’t be afraid of Vim!

Learn about Vue.js components. Syndicode

Learn about Vue.js components

To be a successful developer you don’t have to invent new methods and tools by yourself. That could be a great plus, but not necessary. However, a good developer needs to use what others invented and be able to implement it in his projects. Success formula implies fewer efforts and less time to result in something powerful and complex. That’s why we constantly search for best practices and share them with you. Learn about Vue.js components and get improve.